The VIP exclusive services of Chelsea escorts

I had just booked a room in one of the hotels in Chelsea, London. Previously, I had heard of London escorts and their exclusive VIP services so I decided to give it a try. I opted for searching the internet for quick results but thought otherwise and called the room attendant who was very friendly. I offered him a tip and asked him where and how I could access a reliable call girl who would accompany me to a party and later on offer exclusive services at a recommendable fee. He smiled cheekily and left; signaling me to wait for a while. Minutes later, he resurfaced with a telephone number which he shoved into my hands and walked out. I didn’t hesitate calling the number. On the other side was an elegant voice that we conversed and later stroke a deal with. She was Jolie, an independent London escort available for outcall services and other extras like the services offered by

It was still early in the morning the following day when I heard a knock at the door. I hastily walked to the door side and opened it only to meet the face of this beautiful sexy blonde. I had given her my accommodation details so it wasn’t that much of a hassle finding her way through. At her sight, the urge to have a quickie overwhelmed me and we quickly settled for that before agreeing on the accompanying details of the party I was to attend hours later. If there’s one thing I wouldn’t forget; it would be the girl’s prowess in bed that morning. She gave me a professional sex ride that left me longing for more instead of getting satisfied. She had carried along her other apparels so we had a quick shower together and got ready for the party; yet another memorable washroom experience!

My arrival at the party was welcomed by wild reactions, with everyone demanding to know where I had gotten that sexy curvy girl. No one had the slightest idea that she was one of the London escorts and I wasn’t going to give them the pleasure of knowing that. At the party, she carried herself with an aura of elegance, decency and class that I didn’t expect from a call girl. The dancing session gave me more reasons to appreciate meeting this beauty. Her moves were perfect and she knew exactly how to keep me aroused all through the party. At one time, it became unbearable and I signaled her to meet me downstairs. I quickly grabbed her and led her to one of the nearby rooms that were open. I only came to realize that we didn’t close the door when a servant tripped over and some of the cutleries he was carrying rolled to the door.

After the party, we went back to the hotel room where more thrilling action awaited me. The foreplay was one you wouldn’t forget that easily with a couple of erotic massages and mind blowing hand jobs. Then came the once in a lifetime blow job and subsequent riding actions. For the first time, I had a record of three orgasms in a span of forty minutes! I would definitely go for her next time I get to London, not just once or twice but as often as I can.

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