They have an excellent job at the escort agency, their place, and a boyfriend as well.

I have hot the first two things, but I don’t seem to have been very lucky when it comes to boyfriends. Most of the guys that I meet only want to date with because I work for Mile End escort, and it is like they get a kick out of that.


This time I got distraught as I was deeply fond of the guy I had been dating. He was handsome, and I enjoyed spending time with him. What got to me was that he dumped me by text. That is just such a cruel way to leave somebody, and I don’t why guys do it. I was between dates when I received the text, and I went from a smile to crocodile tears in two seconds flat. Not what you want to do when you are wearing blue mascara.


Of course, I was upset. There were going to dinner that night, and instead, he sent me a text telling me that the relationship was over. I hastily washed my face, but I did look a mess. My next date at Mile End escorts was due any minute, and I knew that I could not look such a lot, and I tried the best I could to stop the tears from flowing. As I angrily kicked one of my stilettos across the bathroom floor, there was a knock on my door, and I knew my date had arrived.


I opened the door without any makeup at all and a couple of tears on my cheeks. Fortunately, I had been dating the guy for some time, and he looked at me with a lot of concern. ‘ Do you need chocolate?’ he asked and smiled at me. I nodded and just burst out crying. Instead of offering me chocolate again, he showed me his handkerchief and blew my nose just like a child. He was one of my favorite dates at Mile End escorts from, and this confirmed why.


It did not take me very long to tell him my sob story, and I was glad that it was him. Most of my other regulars at Mile End escorts would not have listened and cared as much as he did. After I had calmed down, he told me to jump in the shower, put my jeans and sweater on, and come out with him. He took me for a curry, and to be fair. I never had such a good time in ages. That was the first night we went out, but we have been out on many other dates after that. I adore him, and I think that he might be the ideal choice for a boyfriend. Anyway, he tells me that I am his dream girlfriend from Mile End escorts.

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