How to get your lingerie party just right


Are you planning to host a lingerie party? I am always looking for new ideas to have some fun with my friends at London escorts at Charlotte Norbury Escorts. Getting together for drinks with the girls is fun, but sometimes you just need to do something else that sitting around chatting. Before I got into escorting for London escorts, I used to run a couple of party schemes. I did very well and I had fun at the same time. My best earner was always the Anne Summer party plan scheme, and it was the most fun as well.


However, Anne Summers is not the only part plan scheme out there. There are many others and they are a little bit more flexible. Another girls at our London escorts service promotes Anne Summers, so I thought about promoting another one. It is called Soft Paris, and after having checked it out, I think that the products are that little bit better than Anne Summers. Yes, it is more expensive, but I know that many of the girls at London escorts do really appreciate a little bit of quality when it all comes down to it.


If you would like to earn top bucks from your lingerie party, you first of all need to promote the products and tell your guests why they should buy them instead of other lingerie or sensual products. It is all about creating the right kind of atmosphere.  Instead of serving up some cheap wine, you may want to go for a nice champagne. We sure drink enough champagne at London escorts, but I also know how to make things special for my girls at London escorts. Instead of just pouring out a glass of champagne, put them already filled on a tray and don’t forget to add a strawberry. You want to make sure this looks like a classy party from the start.



Anne Summers don’t give you a lot of samples. Soft Paris are very good with samples and you can immediately tell that this is much more of a quality product. Display the items nicely and let the other party guests touch them. The first time I saw the quality of the products, I was really taken back. I was totally convinced that the girls at London escorts would love the products. Did they like them? They loved and I can’t believe how many girls spent a lot of money at my party.


Should you serve food? When you are presenting the products and showing your clients the products, you should never serve food. You may find that you end up with greasy fingers all over your stuff. At the end of the presentation, make sure that you top up everyone’s glasses, and once they have completed their orders, you can serve up some food. My friends at London escorts always worry about their weight, so I normally go for slimline healthy foods. Am I planning to throw another party? You bet that I am. It appears that my London escorts colleagues got a lot of pleasure from their purchases.

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