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The Real Deal or Sex Toys

I know that sex toys are massively in at the moment, but I am not sure that they are for me. In the past, I have tried them a couple of times, and it has been okay, but not as good sitting on my boyfriend’s cock. It turns me on so much more, but the girls that I work with at Bexley escorts of all say that they get better orgasms when they play with sex toys. Maybe I have not given them a fair crack of the whip as they say.


My boyfriend is mad keen on trying sex toys. He does not want to have any sex toys for himself but would like to invest for me. I am not sure if it is the right thing to do. My boyfriend says that he thinks that he will get a kick out playing with all of these sex toys, but I am not sure it is such a good thing for me. My personal experience of sex toys is rather limited, and that makes me worry. He says that he has not known a girl not to enjoy sex toys. That could be true, but I could be the odd one out.


Speaking to the girls at Bexley escorts, it sounds like many of them genuinely enjoy sex toys. If you started to use them when you were fairly young, I am pretty sure that you are more likely to enjoy sex toys. If you left it off like I did, I think that you are less likely to enjoy. The best orgasms I have ever had, have been when I have been with my boyfriend and we have both penetrative sex. Perhaps I will like sex toys, but I am not sure. All of the girls at Bexley escorts tell me to try a vibrator first of all.


I do have vibrator at home which I use on occasion to make myself extra wet for my boyfriend. It feels good with all of the vibrations, but it is not the same thing as having a full penetrative orgasm. I know that many girls say that orgasms achieved on vibrators are a lot better and stronger. That could be true for them, but I don’t think so at all. I like having cock and that is about it.


I do have a couple of bisexual colleagues here at Bexley escorts who enjoy vibrator sex all of the time. They do know that they can achieve an orgasm with a man, but they say that they don’t enjoy it as much. Perhaps we are all different. I am sure that if the girls who are bisexual at Bexley escorts, were straight, they may feel different about sex toys. Frankly if a man is good enough in bed, I don’t think that you need to use sex toys. It is a matter of finding the right guy in my opinion. When you have found your dream lover, I am sure that you will be able to enjoy fantastic orgasms for many years to come.